Erectile DYsfunction / Tadalafil


Tadalafil, the generic version of Cialis®, makes it easier for men with ED to achieve and sustain erections.

Tadalafil, like all PDE5 inhibitors, prevents the enzyme from breaking down, resulting in increased blood flow into the body and decreased blood flow out.

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Tadalafil manufactured by Greenstone in France.


Tadalafil can support erections for up to 36 hours when used as needed, therefore it can last longer than other ED pills.

Headaches, flushing, upset stomach, altered vision, runny or stuffy nose, back and muscle discomfort, nausea, dizziness, and rash are the most prevalent side effects linked with tadalafil. Consult your healthcare provider if any side effects concern you or do not go away.

Unless there is a known interaction between the two treatments, tadalafil can be taken with other medications. Nitrates, alpha-blockers, guanylate cyclase stimulators, HIV protease inhibitors, some antifungals, and some antibiotics are all known to interact with tadalafil. Nitroglycerin, amyl nitrate, doxazosin, erythromycin, ketoconazole, rifampin, riociguat, ritonavir, tamsulosin, itraconazole, and poppers are some of these medicines. If you're on any other medications, talk to your doctor before starting tadalafil.

What is Tadalafil citrate?

Tadalafil is an FDA-approved erectile dysfunction medication that aids men with ED in achieving and maintaining stronger erections. Tadalafil is the generic version of the Cialis brand name drug. Tadalafil is a PDE5 inhibitor, similar to Cialis or Viagra®, that relaxes blood vessels and enhances blood flow to specific regions of the body, including the penis. Tadalafil is unusual in that it can be used as needed or once a day to ensure that you are ready for sexual activity whenever you choose.

Does Dapper offer genuine Viagra?

Dapper offers genuine, branded Viagra® and generic Viagra® to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in 25, 50, or 100 mg dosages. Dapper also offers Tadalafil citrate in 20 mg tablets, which can be prescribed by doctors off-label to treat ED in doses ranging between 20 mg and 100 mg if they find it medically appropriate to do so. The active ingredient, Tadalafil citrate, is identical in both medications.

How should I take Tadalafil?

The dosage of tadalafil is determined by whether it is used on a daily or as-needed basis. The 5 mg daily medication suggested by Dapper is equivalent to taking 8 mg of tadalafil before intercourse because once-day tadalafil builds up in your system to 1.6 times the daily amount. As it does not have time to build up in your system, tadalafil used as needed for sexual activity is frequently administered at greater doses. Depending on your unique health circumstances and age, the typical starting doses of as-needed Tadalafil are 10 or 20 mg.

How long does Tadalafil take to work?

Tadalafil (Generic for Cialis) is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It can start acting in as little as 30-45 minutes, although most men see a peak response two hours after taking it. It must be taken in advance of when you want to be sexually active, just like other ED medications that are given as needed for ED.
Tadalafil can also be taken at a reduced dose on a daily basis at the same time. When used in this manner over time, you may see an increase in your capacity to achieve an erection whenever you are sexually stimulated. You may be able to have effective intercourse as soon as 4 to 5 days after starting a daily Tadalafil regimen.

How long does Tadalafil last?

Sildenafil is a short acting drug with an average half-life of 4-5 hours, which means that half the medicine is gone from the body after 4-5 hours in healthy people. The time that it takes to eliminate Tadalafil may be prolonged in older people and people with liver or kidney disease and the drug may work longer in these people.

Are Tadalafil and Cialis the same?

Are Tadalafil and Cialis the same? / Tadalafil is a generic form of Cialis that is more affordable. Both Cialis and tadalafil have been demonstrated to be safe and effective in treating erectile dysfunction, although tadalafil is accessible for a fraction of the cost of Cialis.

Is Tadalafil safe?

For most men with ED, tadalafil is generally safe. Men with other health concerns, on the other hand, should consult their doctor before starting any erectile dysfunction medicine.
Heart problems such as heart failure or a previous heart attack, angina or chest pain, irregular heartbeats, high or low blood pressure, retinitis pigmentosa (a rare genetic eye disease), pulmonary hypertension, stroke, liver disease, kidney disease, severe vision loss, stomach ulcers, bleeding problems, deformed penis shape or Peyronie's disease.

Common side effects of Tadalafil

Headaches, indigestion, heartburn, back discomfort, muscle aches, face flushing, nasal congestion, cold symptoms, dizziness, vision problems, and blood pressure changes are all common side effects of tadalafil. Contact your healthcare provider if any of these side effects concern you or do not go away. Serious side effects are uncommon, although they can include a dangerous reduction in blood pressure, an allergic reaction, vision loss, hearing loss, and priapism (an erection lasting four hours or longer). Get medical attention right away if you encounter any of these significant side effects.

Can you take Tadalafil every day?

The 5 and 10 mg doses are commonly administered regularly, while the 20 mg dose is not. In other words, there's a daily, low-dose option that's designed to get you ready for sex at a moment's notice. This everyday option is intended for long-term use and planning-free enjoyment.

Is buying Tadalafil online safe?

Dapper provides online tadalafil prescriptions, eliminating the need for in-person visits to the doctor's office or insurance hassles. You will answer questions and talk with a medical expert licensed in your state when you begin your online medical consultation using the Dapper platform. If they determine that tadalafil is correct for you, they will evaluate you and prescribe your dosage. Genuine, FDA-approved tadalafil from a certified pharmacy will be discreetly sent to your door if prescribed. Remember that over-the-counter tadalafil is not available in the United States, so you'll need to deal with medical professionals who are licensed to practice in your state and pharmacies that are licensed to fill your medicines.

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