Our mission is to make high quality, affordable healthcare accessible to everyone when they need it.

Our Principles

We believe digital healthcare should be:


A team of premier health experts created and approved the online visit to assist the doctor get to know you and personalizing your treatment.


Everything we do focuses on the doctor-patient relationship. Doctors are compensated based on how many individuals they assist rather than how many prescriptions they give.


A prescription is not the beginning or end of treatment. Dapper members are able to get unlimited free doctor follow-ups and can conveniently message a doctor with any treatment-related inquiries.


The healthcare system is particularly tricky to follow. From medication cost to doctor credentials, we set out all the basics of our service and treatment alternatives.


We believe that members should be educated. As a result, treatment plans include guidance on not only the prescribed medicine, but also behavioral changes that may help with the underlying problems.


We believe in de-stigmatizing health conditions, but we will always respect and protect your privacy, from discreet packaging to private online visits

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Over the course of a year, men are 24% less likely to visit the doctor.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Everything Dapper does is driven by science and approved by top men's health experts. We're making a positive impact on healthcare, and we're confident it'll be worthwhile. Because when men are happy, their loved ones are happy as well.

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